Fingerbot | A Robot Can Remotely & Mechanically Control All The Switches

It’s time to turn all traditional device in your home into a smart one in an affordable way. The Fingerbot is a tiny remote control robot actuator than can remotely control all the switches, buttons and toggles with its mechanical arm. It can be easily operated by a smartphone app. Surprisingly it can also work with the voice assistant systems such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri. If you want to upgrade your classic retro style home, then Fingerbot must be an inexpensive and sustainable solution.

Fingerbot Controls Almost Any Device

Fingerbot Controls Almost Any Device

This smart home robot was invented by the company called ‘Adaprox’. They have designed the robot to fit perfectly almost any kind of home appliances and devices. So you don’t have to replace an entire device for an automation. You can replace the robot arm for different functionalities such as click buttons, touch screen, wall switch and wall toggle. So you can able to remotely control the traditional fan, classic kettle and a coffee machine. You have to get the ‘Adaprox Bridge’ to control the switches from outside of your home. It connects through the internet and gives wide coverage area for the robot.

A Robot Can Remotely & Mechanically Control All The Switches

It’s very simple to install and setup. All you have to do is, simply attach the device neat the switch with strong 3M tape. Not only tape, you can also secure the device in place with magnets, Velcro, and more. You can also easily remove and reuse them again on a different device without damage the wall. Once you finished installing, the download the Adaprox Controller app to control the fingerbot. The app allows you to set wake-up lighting alarms, remote turn on or off and make other personalized functionalities. Finally, this device helps elderly and disabled people and allows them live more independently in their home. Check the switch control robot on!


Watch the remote control robot actuator in action

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