4Bumpers | License Plate Bumper Guard

This license plate bumper guard designed to protect your car bumper. 4Bumpers makes two styles of their bumper protectors. It attaches to your licence place frame, and does not have to be removed when you drive away. You can install these bumper protector in less the 60 seconds on the pre-existing license plate screw holes. After the successful installation this bumper guard is ready to protect your car’s bumper while parallel parking in tight space.

car bumper guard

The simplified design won’t spoil your vehicle’s look. These 4Bumpers does not hide your vehicle’s license plate information. You can use this on both front and rear bumpers. It will provide 24/7 protection for your car bumpers. The easy and quick onetime installation doesn’t require any additional handling. These license plate bumper guard are made from the solid steel. So it won’t catch on fire like other rubber type bumper protectors.

license plate bumper

The ‘4Bumpers’ bumper Guard attaches at the license plate, So make sure that the license plate area is placed in the bumper and not on the trunk or hatch. The license plate frame bumper protector was completely made in the USA. It’s sleek and unique low profile design is rarely noticeable, and none will find that there is a bumper guard on your vehicle. These solid steel bumper guard comes with the replaceable rubber edges. Finally It allows you to protect your bumper without damage other car bumpers. Check the 4Bumpers on Amazon.com!

Watch the License Plate Bumper Guard in action down below:

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