Turn Your Wheels Into Winches In Vehicle Recovery Situation | BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery Kit

This smartly designed rope ladder helps you to pull your vehicle and unstuck it from any kind of off road trail such as mud, sand and snow. The BOG OUT is an ultimate vehicle recovery kit which can turn your car’s wheel into a winch. It’s very easy to use and any single person can save the car from the messy mud. All you have to do is, simply attach one end to a wheel and another one to an anchor point. It uses your engine’s power to unstuck the car. Surprisingly, the BOG OUT can easily carry up to 3.5 tons of weight.

Turn Your Wheels Into Winches

Turn Your Wheels Into Winches

This harness and the spinning tire combo works perfectly on any kind of rescue situations. It just looks like a towing rope when it’s not in use. So you can easily store the device in back of the seat. If the mud condition is too worse then you can use two harness on both driving wheels to get 7 tons of pulling power. The BOG OUT vehicle recovery kit fits perfectly on almost any kind of vehicle. Unlike other recovery devices, the BOG OUT can works on both forward and backward and it doesn’t require any additional vehicle or man power to unstuck the vehicle. This rope ladder style device measures 4.5m long and 370 mm in width.

BOG OUT Vehicle Recovery Kit

You can use this tool to rescue cars, trucks, SUVs, ATV’s, tractors, heavy machinery or military vehicles, motor bikes and almost any kind of 4×4 vehicles. It’s extrenmely light in weight and comes with a carrying bag. So you can take this car recovery kit on your every off road adventure. This rope ladder harness recovery system was created by the Austria based company called ‘BOG OUT’. They have used the exceptionally strong materials on this product. So it’s extremely safe and reliable. Check the BOG OUT on Amazon.com!

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